One piece Straw Hat Luffy Birth Day

Every Otaku is familiar with May 5th because Luffy's Birthday is celebrated on May 5th. Luffy is a main character from a popular anime known as One Piece. Eiichiro Oda is the main author of One piece who is responsible for the main story. Luffy's dream is to become the King of the pirates.
The best way to celebrate is by eating a lot of meat or by having a little preview on luffy's timeline till May 5, 2013 probably main events.

Shanks and Gommu Gommu Fruit

Shanks giving his Hat
Shanks is the important person in Luffy's Life. Shanks didn't just sacrificed his arm for Luffy but also motivated him to become a pirate by giving him his special treasure The Straw Hat "Mugiwara" .
Gommu Gommu No fruit was discovered by Shanks which was accidentally eaten by Luffy. It was the beginning of Luffy's adventure starts under the name of " Mugiwara "

Gathering Crew Mates

Pirate Hunter Rorona Zoro (Sword Man)  was the first person to join Luffy's Crew . Later Ussop (Shipwright is start later great warrior of sea) joined.With the help of Ussop Luffy got his first Ship. Luffy named it "Going Merry". Sanji (The cook) was the third person to join Luffy's crew. Nami ( The Navigator) joined the crew after Luffy helped her against the fishman pirate named Arlong. Tonny Tonny Chopper ( The Doctor) was the fifth person to join Mugiwara's crew.

Save Nico Robin

Meeting with Ace and Fighting with Shichibukai

Luffy vs CrocodileDuring his journey to Alabasta Luffy meets with his brother "Portagas D Ace". He also fought for the first time with one of seven warlods crocodile and on defeating him luffy became quite popular. A new member named Nico Robin joined crew (Temporarily)  and then the adventure of Skypiea Island.

Fight with Ussop, Defeating Cp9, Merry Funeral and new crew mates.

Luffy fights with Ussop on the conflict of replacing Merry with a new Ship but Ussop leave the crew for abonding Ship. Fighting against the world governement, buring their flag and defeating cp9 strongest member Robi Lucci increase Luffy's bounty to 300,000,000 million berries. Nico Robi ( Archaeologists)  and Franky (Shipwright ), brook ( Muscian ) Offically joins the Mugiwara's Crew.

Luffy vs Cp9

Luffy's Family

Monkey D family

Luffy meets with his Grand Father (Monkey D Garp) who is a Vice admiral in Marine and he tells luffy about his father " Monkey D dragon" who saved him in Logue town at the start of the series.
Monkey D dragon is a world level criminal. He's the only person to oppose the world government without any fear.


Meeting with an admiral, Rookies, and Crew Seprartion.

On an Auction Luffy punches World GovernmenT Offical and meeting with super rookies like  ( Trafalgar law, Eustass Kid ). This cause a big mess with causes marine to send an admiral (Kiazru), a Shichibukai (Kuma) to control the situation and the crew was defeated and separated but was saved by Kuma and Dark King Rayleigh.

Luffy meeting with Boa Hancock and Ace Execution news.

On hearing Ace Execution news Luffy tries to save him. Boa Hancock (pirate empress fell in love with Luffy and help him to reach the prison of impel down but on reaching the last level of prison he finds out that Ace was already taken to the Execution place. In impel down Luffy meets with a pirate Black Beared known as Teach who captured Ace.

Marine ford Arc, Luffy Past.

Luffy fight with his fullest to save ace along with whitebeared crew but in the end Ace was killed by an Admiral known as Akainu. Luffy suffers a lot and lose consciousness but he was saved by Shanks and Trafalgar. Luffy past showed how he met with Ace and Saboo (Sworn Brothers ) and how they become brothers.

Ace, Saboo , Luffy Brotherhood

Luffy Training with Rayleigh and Reunion with Crew

Time Skip Mugiwara'sAfter loosing his Brother Luffy was trained by Rayleigh and masters all types of Haki and finally after 2 years of break Luffy joins with his crew and once again start its journey from the New World  ( Fishman Island ) Luffy saves Fish Man island from the fishman named Hody Jones then Luffy on reaching Punk Hazard Island forms an alliance with Trafalgar to defeat one of the Yonkou.

To me this was the best way to celebrate Luffy's Birth Day by reading all special events of Luffy's Life. To celebrate more you can watch one of your favourite fights of Luffy or as I suggested above try eating a lot of meat. Once again  Happy Birth Day Monkey D. Luffy. Wish you a very Happy Day (Future Pirate King).