Naruto Manga 632 Preview

Naruto Manga 632 "Fighting Side by Side " has been released with an awesome first color page. It features Naruto, Sasuke and shows that Dream Team is Back.

Naruto Manga 632 Cover Colored Page

The Manga starts with where konoha 11 except team 7 talks about how things have changed and Kiba state that he also wants to become Hokage. Kiba was interupted by Shino that no one is hears them but Hinata replied I know that every one wants to become hokage. Does that mean there would be some special exams for the Hokage seat like Chunnin Exams.

Jubi again tried to attack Shinobi Alliance with his biju Dama Type like attack but it was stopped by the barrier 4 Red Suns made by the Edo Hokages. All praised hokages that they are the strongest. Hashirama use his wood clone Jutsu so that he can make four different openings for youngsters (Konoha 11) to get inside the barrier and defeat the Jubi and one clone was sent to Madara so that they can finally start their fight but Madara ignored the clone. Like a Boss !!

Hashirama and Madara in Manga 632

The moment Shinobi's get inside the barrier the Jubi split himself into small jubi's so that no one could reach his main body.
Guess what? Sakura finally showed her power. She doesn't want Sasuke and Naruto to help her. She's at the stage where she can fight with them on equal footing and above all she is the disciple of the Fifth Hokage (Tsunade). Sakura can also use Hyakugo jutsu (Diamond Seal on Forhead). With this user can store a huge amount of chakara in his/her forehead and can use them any time but it directly effect user skin.

Sakura Diamond Seal

Sakura stored chakara for 3 years in her forhead and finally released it on the Battlefield and the result was awesome. Sakura totally smashed little jubi's in too pieces. Fans reaction on sakura using Hyakugo jutsu and after watching the result.
Naruto and Sasuke also kill little jubi's with there Katon Kagutsuchi(Gold Flames) and Futon Rasen Shuriken jutsu respectively. Sakua warns Naruto and Sasuke that if they kept on talking she will snatch the Hokage Seat so one more new candidate for Hokage. Every new chapter some Shinobi wants to become Hokage for me it makes no sense.

Naruto and Sasuke killing jubi
By: alexnarutoall

But wait where is Orochimaru? What he's plotting now? Is he trying to help kages? or something fishy? Comment your views about this chapter. Don't forget to rate Naruto Manga 632 out of 5. Any predictions for the next Manga Chapter?


  1. Even though sakura looked epic she still is,week to me because it took her three years to store the chakra

    1. But don't forget not even tsunades friend could of don't it and she has years and years with tsunade and yet she couldn't do it but sakura did so she must be healla strong to do that

    2. I believe her regenration abilities would be better then Tsunade. We have just seen her physical power so far :) Lets just wait for few more chapters.

    3. sakura's yin seal is far greater than tsunade because she didnt hide her age


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