Naruto Manga 631 Team 7 Review

After waiting for a long week finally Naruto Manga 631 " Team 7 " is out. Just like the previous chapter, this chapter was also amazing. This chapter may be a bit disappointing for Naruto Hinata fans. I would really like to hear Naruto Hinata reviews fans about today chapter. The chapter started with Minato teleporting the Jubi's attack to the sea.

Minato with Sakura and Naruto in Naruto Manga 631

I am shocked Sakura wasn't able to recognize the fourth Hokage but Minato Thanks Sakura for helping/recovering Naruto and ask her are you Naruto Girl Friend? Naruto agrees with his father but Sakura denied and started beating naruto which helps minato remember his realtion with Kushina.Minato request sakura to take care of his son. Sakura asks naruto how you knew that fourth Hokage was coming. Naruto I was able to sense their chakara in  kyubi mode. Naruto also knew about sasuke and team taka. The previous four hokages have arrived on the battle field. Second Hokage praise Third hokage that his student is faster then him So yeah Its proved that Minato is the fastest Ninja ever existed.

Minato Kyubi Mode I can't describe much about Madara and Hashirama feelings on seeing themselves again after along you can judge it from their expressions. For me this was the best moment in the whole chapter. I know both wants to end their final fight. Hashirama started using his sage mode while Minato is in his Kyubi Mode.
 So Minato can also use Kyubi mode using the other half chakara he sealed inside him. I think minato already knew about this jutsu since long and that was the reason the wanted naruto to master this jutsu which was passed to him by a scroll as we already saw it Jiraya releasing seal and so on.

Formation of 4 Red Suns (Shisekiyoukin)

Now they all are moving to stop the jubi.They are going to follow the formation of 4 red suns. The performed this technique in few steps and four people of Hokages level are necessary to perform this jutsu.

First Minato marked the exact positions with his kunai.
Then Minato, Hiruzen and Tobirama teleported to these kunai.
Finally Hashirama first used his technique Ninpou then the ten seal attack (Senpou-Myoujinmon).
The attack which is powerful enough to seal the all tails of Jubi.

After the completion of this jutsu Sasuke along with his companions also joined the war thought they are slow as compared to hokages.
Naruto to sasuke: You are bit slow Sasuke !! and Sasuke same attitude: You are always noisy Naruto but I (Sasuke ) decided to protect village and to Become the Hokage no matter what people think about me. This was the biggest shock that this chapter gave me. Naruto suddenly remembers Itachi words that "The one who is acknowledged by every one" will become Hokage but Naruto mentions Leave Sasuke to me and he is the one who will become Hokage and Naruto is completly healed thanks to sakura and she is also going to join Naruto and Sasuke finally she proved that she is not useless. Atlast the strongest team of Konoha 11 Team 7 is back. !!

Team 7 Back Naruto Manga 631

I can see Naruto vs Sasuke final fight will be for the title of hokage or it would be something like itachi said but naruto is already acknowledged by every one so we can't say anything about this issue whatsoever this is getting interested. Can you believe that Jubi will break this seal. I would rate this chapter 5/5. Feel free to share your views about this chapter.


  1. i get the feeling sasuke and naruto will fight for the title like hashirama and madara.. i wish it would be friendly tho.

    1. No Hashirama was unanimously chosen by the people of the leaf. They fought because Madara was being gay and was attacking the leaf.

  2. Naruto will not end up with a girl if you have not noticed how gay he is for sasuke or how the entire story has focused around them and their way more than friends relationship, Naruto the jilted one chasing after the one that left him for how long, and Sasuke he knew who would be most affected by his Hokage announcement. He probably hopes to die by Naruto hand he also is aware that Itachi said he had to help Naruto's cause, could of made Sasuke a bit jealous, he has a brother complex as well.
    Naruto and Sasuke love each other, it will end with them both dying, at least this is the ending I want to see. Naruto will not be with any girls.

    1. Lets Hope for the best but majoirty of the fans are unable to understand the "bond" between Sasuke and Naruto. They are different from the rest thats why they can understand each other.
      Thanx for the comment :)

  3. My prediction for 632 is that there will be no 632 for this week.. hahaha

  4. Can't wait the new Manga Chapter to come out

  5. I was just as shocked as everyone else when I found out Sasuke wanted to become Hokage too. It's great that he's back and all but hell no! It's not because of the fact that he betrayed the village and stuff but I just think it'll be Naruto. I mean seriously Tsunade already made it so that he'll be the next Hokage. Plus, everybody loves and admires him now. He's proven himself the hard way. Sasuke was always loved and such but he lost it once he left and joined Orochimaru and the Akatsuki. How can he say he doesn't care what everyone thinks when everyone kinda has a choice in who they want they're hokage to be?! I'm sorry, but Sasuke will lose in this competition this time. Naruto will become Hokage. Oh and bump Sakura, she needs to die. In my eyes she's still totally weak. I never got over the fact that she was willing to destroy the village for Sasuke just to be with him. I know it sounds like I hate Sasuke, but I don't, he's one of my favorites. I just really hate Sakura because she never changed and I don't think she'll ever learn her lesson. Hinata will definitely be with Naruto and Sakura can just go to Hell. : )


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