Naruto Manga 630 Review

Finally Naruto Manga 630 " What Can fill a Hole " has been released. I must say the ending was freaking awesome and the last page gave me goose bumps. Believe me its going to be tough week for Naruto fans because of over excitation.

 The manga starts with Obito and Kakashi discussion. Obito says that he stopped suffering since long and Kakashi you still suffers when you visit my grave and Rin. The Obito use genjutsu and show Kakashi the fake world where he have his youth and Rin. Kakashi stops the genjutsu and mention that this fake world can't fill you heart. This rin is not real and you must not forget about the Rin  death she died in order to save Village.

While at the war place jubi was going to initiate his last attack to complete his final transformation. After this attack Jubi would be complete. Madara explains about Jubi's behaviour that he must have seen the Kyubi Chakara inside Naruto which made him excited sothats why he is after Naruto. Sakura motivates Shinobi Alliance that Naruto is trying his best. We must save him from this attack and  in the mean time she will heal Naruto completely.

The Genius mind Shikamaru came with the idea and asked Kitsuchi to teach him how to perform A Daton Wall Barrier beacuse this just easy to use and the plan is to fight Quality verses Quantity. Bee and 8 tails were asked to change the route of the Attack using BijuDama.
While Obito and Kakashi side Obito states his point that in real find you can't find happiness but in this fake world you can achieve happiness and everything. So here we have a new modified form of Obito Quote by Kakashi.

"In the World of Shinobi those who break rules are called Scum but those who don't treasure friends are worse than trash and the one who dont treasure their friends feelings are even worse than trash "
While on the war place whole Biju Attack Finished guess the one who did it? Yeah none other the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze. Nothing less from Minato he sure is the fastest and sensible Shinobi that ever existed and finally Dad and Son met. As expected from Minato Epic Entrance though naruto was not shocked like he was expecting something like this but it was enough for me.

So finally the war is at its Hype Hokages are finally at the war field. Kakashi and Obito are going to fight for real. Do you believe that Kakashi will be to bring change in Obito or he will meet his end? I would rate this chapter 5/5. Just for the ending. Please share your views what will happen next and don't forget to rate this chapter.


  1. was so awesome,best anime ever!!!!....kakashi wont die.

  2. i think minato will give remaining chakra of nine tails (which he sealed inside with him) as agift to naruto. and naruto gains chakra and fights in the battle with 10 tails

  3. yeah! youre right! minato will give remaining chakra of nine tails

  4. This wedsite awesome. ... Naruto it's getting crazy


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