Naruto Manga 629 Review

Naruto Manga 629 "Wind Hole: has finally been released by Kishimoto after celebrating the Golden week. The chapter starts from the war field Madara and Jubi hurt the majority of the ninja and once again Naruto protects everyone but Naruto has finally reached its limit.

Naruto possess Shukka power along with other tailed beast except Hachibi

It should be noted that Naruto also has the power of Shukaku (1 Tailed Beast) which was not shown in the previous chapters. So the only Tailed beast power Naruto missing right now is the power of Hachibi ( 8 tailed Beast ) and when the Tailed beast Chakara reached its limit  we see is Rikudo Sannin Eyes( Rinnegan ).
It's just a coincidence or maybe we are going to see  Naruto getting Rinnegan in next manga chapters.  Isn't it too over powered?

On the other hand Kakashi and Obito have reached in some other dimension. Kakashi was going to use Raikiri on Obito but he stops his attack and Obito ask why are not you killing me is it because of the reason you were not able to keep the promise of protecting Rin?

Real Truth About Rin.


The moment Obito stands Kakashi use Raikiri on Obito. Obito smiles and explain that he knew the truth about Rin that she decided to choose her death by the hands of the one whom she loved.

What actually happened was that Rin was captured By Hidden Mist Village and they made her the Jinchuruki of Sanbi then their plan was to release Rin so that she can go back to the Village and they will destroy Konoha with the help of Sanbi but Rin on noticing the situtation request Kakashi to kill her but Kakashi denies. So this was the reason why Rin comes in front of Kakashi Raikiri without kakashi knowing. So Kakashi didn't killed Rin she chose her death herself.

On the other hand Obito concluded that everything in this World is fake and Obito explains about the hole made by the Kakashi Raikiri  then mention that all this happened to was him because of this Fake world.

I really feel sympathy for Obito. First he lost his half body, then his best friend and all of this happened was beacuse of the pathetic Ninja system. Have you noticed or is it just me that Uchiha's are the most affected  people by this Ninja System. First it was Madara, Obito, then Shisui and Itachi.

What are you views on how to defeat Obito? In my opinion to defeat Obito kakashi will have to defeat Jubi or kill white zetsu this way he wont be able to regenrate himself.


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