Sanji, Perona and Boa Hancock Dlc Costume of Pirate Warrior 2

New DLC Costumes( Downloadable Content ) of Sanji in Japenese Kimono Style, Pirate Empress Boa Hancock as Diao Chan and Perona as Wang Yuanji has been released for the Japan Playstation users.

Along with these DLC Samurai Luffy, Kimono Zoro, Nami as Shang Xiang anhd Robin as Xingcai has already been released. In order to use these costumes you have to pay except for the Samurai Luffy which was given free.

Kimono Sanji

Kimono Sanji

Boa Hancock as Diao Chan

Boa hancock in Dia Chan Dress

Perona Wang Yuanji Costume Costume

Perona in Wang Yuanji Outfit