One piece verses Naruto is the most frequently asked questions. I never wanted to write on this topic but after seeing the response from fans after my " Top 10 Best Animes " post. I thought about comparing them on the basis of strong facts and arguments.


Pirate or Ninja?

One Piece: Luffy wants to become the king of pirate ( Ruler of the sea ).

Naruto: To become the greatest Hokage not to mention best Ninja. !!

We all know that there are things which One piece can provide but Naruto can't and vice versa. If you are looking for some fun along with some fight action you have One piece but in Naruto you have awesome fights.
Naruto after defeating pain was acknowledged by the village and he is already the strongest Shinobi so somewhat he already achieved his goal  while one piece story is progressing slowly with a lot of new characters.

Character Development 

I don't think I need to say something here but if we compare 9 Straw hats with Konoha 11 there's a big difference in their development. After the time skip not only Straw Hats almost every One piece Character was developed ( Coby, Smoker ) but In case of Naruto there was no change in Rock Lee, Ino, Tenten, Hinata somewhat.   
So One piece wins this argument !!

Remember Luffy after time Skip ? Complete Badass but Naruto only Sage Mode and New Rasengan's until the 4th Ninja war !!

Picture Quality !!

Since One Piece is a pretty old anime so In start its graphics were not as good as Naruto . So in this scenario Naruto is better then One piece, But today it have better quality graphics. Naruto openings and closings are way better than One Piece.

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Which makes you feel ?

In my opinion Jiraya Death, Itachi's and Nagato pain makes us feel sad but one on the other hand Ace Death, Shanks, Mugiwara's Past especially ( Sanji, Nami, Robin, Brook, Chopper) and above all Merry funeral made people cry even the creator cried.

I have heard alot about it that Kishimoto ( the creator of Naruto ) has failed to build a strong relationship between Uchiha brothers like Oda ( The creator of One piece) built among the sworn brothers Luffy and Ace. Ace died for Luffy which helped him in getting stronger but on the other hand Itachi's death was nothing to Sasuke.

Your Opinion?

If you have some other valid facts and arguments feel free to share them. I am looking forward to your response, comment whom do you prefer more? I am unable to share my opinion because the majority  is going to deny it .