Naruto Shippuden May 2013 Schdedule

Naruto Shippuden May 2013 schedule has been released. Sorry to disappoint all anime lovers the Month of May also consists of a bunch of  new fillers so its going to be the third consecutive month in which original story will not progress. The first filler relates to their new Naruto Shipuden Movie Road to Ninja .

The Schedule is as follows:

Release Date Episode Number Episode Title
May 02 , 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 311 Prologue of Road to Ninja!!
May  9 ,  2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 312 The Old Man And The Dragon’s Eye
May 16 , 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 313 Rain Followed by Snow, With a Chance of Lightning
May 23 , 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 314 Sorrowful Rain Showers
May 30 , 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 314 Lingering Snow
Are you disappointed with Naruto Anime Team? It should be noted that the Original Manga writer is not responsible or in charge of Naruto Anime Series.


  1. Why i hate fillers and i started to get bored of the anime
    Fuck fillers

    1. Yes !! Only related fillers are accepted :)

  2. When will we see uchiha madara

  3. The manga should be far enough so why all this filler


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