Naruto Manga Volume 64 Cover

On 4th April 2013 Naruto Manga Volume 64 will be released in Japan but a good quality cover for this Manga volume has been released . This cover is about 4th great war ninja war. The cover contains Uzumaki Naruto, Hinata Hyuga, the Ten tails ( Jubi ) along with Konoha genius Neji Hyuga.

Spoiler Ahead : Don't read if you are not updated with Manga !!
This manga volume  is about the heroical death of Neji Hyuga. The phoenix type kurama chakara surrounding Neji actually means that Neji is free from the seal he got when he was a child and the freedom you feel when you choose to die for others.

Below is the good quality naruto manga volume 64 cover !!

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