Finally after two weeks of break Naruto Manga 628 "Here And From Now On" is out.
The story is finally back at war place. Madara and Obito are still fighting ( or playing )  against Shinobi Alliance. Madara and Obito use their Fire Justsu Katon-Gouka Mekkyaku and Katon-Bakfuu-Ranbu respectively along with the Kunai's which strikes most of the Shinobi's alliance ( Here only Katon Jutsu owned half of the Shinobi Army one should not underestimate Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Obito. They have not shown their real power yet ) Thanks to Naruto-Kyubi Chakara they are safe.

Naruto Manga 628 Katon Justu's of Madara and Obito

Evil Madara Naruto Manga 628Obito with his new super fast technique just like Minato attacks Naruto and ask him why are just defending you are wasting your Chakara but Naruto says that having no friends is the most painful part of his life that's why friends makes him happy and I am not like you who wants to be forever alone. Here is the best part of this chapter Madara sense Hashirama Chakara and the look on his face do I have to say something pure ? Complete badass and Evil that's Madara true Nature . I Believe that Madara is too confident that this time he will defeat Hashirama and wins the final fight. Hope he does not lose control over himself.  Your Thoughts?

Then we see Jubi roaring and Kurama says its goona use Tenpen Chi its probably gone be some deadly attack of Jubi. Obito dispatch jubi from himself and Jubi and Obito are no longer connected the next moment Obito Drags Kakashi into another dimension and  Jubi is on rampage real destruction is about to start. Last panel with lighting and Storm. ( I thought Hokages are here But there was nothing like that. I was expecting more pages but only fifteen pages little disappointment. )

Naruto Manga 628 Destruction

I believe in the next manga chapter we will see Kakashi vs Obito what happened between Kakashi and Rin. Why Kakashi Stabbed Rin? Can't wait for Madara vs Hashirama Duel that evil look on the face who just want revenge.
Feel free to share your views. Comment what will happen next ? Will Madara Become Jinchuruki or Obito? Can Madara Defeat Hashirama ?