The Naruto Manga 627 "Sasuke's Descison" gave me goosebumps. Sasuke who was given the title "Avenger" throughout the series is going to help Konoha. Simply Mind Blown because it is beyond expectation !!

                  Naruto Manga 627 - "Sasuke's Decision" - Review

As Hashirama mentioned that he don't know about Madara's plan, Sasuke reply that Madara is going to use Infinite Tsukuyomi and he will control everyone through Genjutsu that's means  ( The Uchiha tablet was about Moon Eye's Plan and only Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan user can decipher it) and that's not what Itachi wanted.

Sasuke Decision

Uchiha Kagami and Uchiha Shisui Father and SonTobirama interrupts and mention Itachi is the not only one who did a lot for the village there were Uchiha's who devoted their life's for the Village sake like Kagami Uchiha and he never hated Uchiha, he just wanted to protect the village from people who can actually bring harm like (Uchiha Madara). Then Hiruzen confirms that Uchiha Shisui (Itachi's Best friend) was the son of Uchiha Kagami.

Third Hokage was curious about Orchimaru's plan but Orochimaru mentions that he only wants to follow Uchiha Sasuke Path. Do you believe that Orochimaru is up to something? In my opinion he is now interested in Obito Uchiha. You may wonder why? Well Obito has Uchiha Blood, Senju Dna, Rinnegan, Sharingan.
Minato mentions about giving a present to Naruto. We all can predict its going to be the other half chakara of Kyubi because Minato always wanted Naruto to complete some Justu.
After this discussion Sasuke decided to join battle field, while moving towards their destination Sasuke apologize from Karin for stabbing her in Danzou fight and Karin again fell for Sasuke.

Madara and Obito reaction on Edo HokagesMinato uses his teleportation technique and take Third with him and on the other hand Tobirama takes Hashirama and all four Hokages are standing on their respective monuments and the four great Shinobi's of all time are going to join this war along with Uchiha Sasuke, Orochimaru, Jugo, Karin and Suigetsu.
Hashirama is waiting to see his old Pal Madara and Tobirama himself wants to defeat Madara this time.

Can you Imagine Madara and Obito Reaction?

Your Opinon

Do you believe that Sasuke will apologize from Kakashi and Sakura? As he is back to his old self. What about the final duel of Sasuke and Naruto will it ever happen? I guess this war is not the end of the Naruto series.Share your views.

Note: Naruto will be on break next week so no Hokages action until 23rd April or 24th April.