Naruto Manga 626 Discussion

Finally with the release of Naruto Manga 626 we came to know what is a "Shinobi" a question asked by Uchiha Sasuke.

"Shinobi are people who endure to achieve their goals but depending on what they choose as their goal they change "

The Manga continued with the story of Madara and Hashirama. Madara left the village and Hashirama successfully created a village where Uchiha and Senju were living peacefully. In short Hashirama got what he wanted but Madara kept on attacking the village. But everytime he was stopped by Hashirama. During one fight Madara Susanno vanished and Hashirama with his Kakun Nitten Suishu jutsu was able to Calm kyubi (This jutsu made Kubi free from Madara Control).

Last battle hashirama and madara

Both were extremly exhausted beacuse of using high level techniques like Susanoo, Sage Mode, Choujo Kebutsu so their final attack was physical. Hashirama with a Sword and Madara using his war fan. This time the last person to stand was Uchiha Madara but to his surprise it was a clone of Hashirama whom he defeated and in the next moment before Madara could blink his eyes he got stabbed from behind by Hashirama and Hashirama mention that he will not forgive anyone who will
hurt this village whether they are his relatives or friends. Madara on his last moments says that hashirama you can't stop the darkness that will envelop the village sooner or later. Then story ended Hashirama states that he was sure he killed Madara and he doesnot know how he was saved and this darkness is what you brother itachi had to face and that's why he killed his parents and clan.

This panel is what I really liked if you see clearly you can see what Kishimoto pointed at

Edo Hokages

Second Hokage : He made better rules for village. Uchiha Military police  is one of them.
Third Hokage  : Other villages like Sand, Cloud joined their hands with leaf Village.
Fourth Hokage : Died while protecting the children of the Village. Gave his life for Naruto.

This is what Hashirama always wanted !!

Death Of Madara by HashiramaHow Madara survived?

In my opinion it was not Izangi because you need Senju DNA in order to perfom it as mentioned by Obito Uchiha. So how? If you remember Madara clearly mentioned while fighting with Kages that he can clearly see through these wooden clones so why he didn't noticed it during his fight with hashirama that body was a clone? Or Madara planned it from the start so that he can get his hands on the most powerful Senju cell which Hashirama had !!
I believe it was that wooden clone which he used and merged with his body and faked his death and later he was able to get something precious which is Rinnegan.

Share your views regarding this chapter. I would rate this chapter 5/5 . One of the best chapter of Madara and Hashirama Flashback !!