Special CrossOver Anime OnePiece,Toriko and DragonBall Z

In the beginning of 2013 it was revealed that one hour special crossover between OnePiece, Dragon Ball Z and Toriko named as "Dream 9 Toriko & One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Cho Collaboration Special" will be held. The releasing date of this anime was meant to be 7th April 2013 and it consists of two parts

Part 1:  Run,Strongest Army !! Goku, Toriko and Luffy.

Part 2:   History’s Strongest Collaboration vs Glutton of the Sea.

From the titles we can say that all 3 super heroes will join their forces to defeat the sea creature who is continuously sucking power !!. From this special we may have some idea who is the strongest among three.

This special cross over will contain all times favorite characters from their animes. Imagine Sanji and Master Roshi Hanging out and not to mention the main three  Luffy, Goku and Toriko are food maniac.

Below are the first 2 videos released related to this special.