One Piece Pirate warrior 2 Trailer complete gameplay

Namco has recently released a new onepiece pirate warrior 2 gameplay video. This trailer showed the game play of all strawhats which showed their special attacks (after timeskip ones) along with the strawhats the game play of all admirals and Shichibukai were also shown.
The trailer have some great moves and all time favourite fights clips were shown like  Portages D Ace verses Black Beared, Akainu verses Whitebeared Pirates, the game play of Death Doctor Law and  Black Beared Marshal D Teach has also been showed.
This trailer also revealed some menu screenshots,  from where we can select our characters which we want to play and figure their statistics you can see them below

Pirate Warrior 2 Menu ScreenShots : 

Menu Screen Pirate warrior 2
Pirate warrior 2 menu Screen Shot

 The trailer is about 5 minutes and there was a blink of long awaited fight Mugiwara Luffy vs Akainu.