One Piece Pirate Warrior 2 Demo and 500,000 Preorders

The CEO and director of company during the presentation of One piece pirate warrior 2 confirmed that 500,000 orders has already been taken which is indeed a great success. Onepiece pirate warrior 2 is the upgraded version of the "pirate warrior series" Serieswas launched in March 2012 and achieved a shipment of 1.2 billion.

Enhanced Pirate Warrior 2 

Pirate warrior 2 consists of new technology, alot of new characters like Enel, Perona, Kuma, Smoker and Trafalgar. Straw Hats would be able to use their old dresses along with the new 2 year Skip dresses.
Pirate Log is actual based on the original story line uptil now details are not revealed and  there's alot of Drama and new action style upgraded systems.

Demo of Pirate Warrior 2

While Addressing it was also mentioned that the trail/Demo version of One Piece Pirate warrior 2 will be out on 7th March 2013. In this Demo Luffy will be a playable along withTrafalgar Law and users can play or experince the stage of SkyIsland. Demo has only be annouced for the people of Japan. No information regarding Demo for North America and Europe has been mentioned.

 Limited Edition pirate warrior 2 PS Vita wallpaper

 Users who will buy Playstation Vita along with Playstation Vita version of pirate warrior 2 will be able to get a matching cover/wallapaper. due to their high demand they will avaialable in limited supply.
Playstation vista limited edition