Naruto Shippuden April Schedule 2013

Schedule for Naruto Shippuden April 2013 has been updated and after a set of fillers in March every fan was anxiously waiting to the see original story line but we again have few side story episodes. I wonder what  type of tournament will be held at episode 309. The
Naruto 13th opening will be aired from 4th april . "Niwaka Ame ni mo Makezu" song by "NICO Touches the Walls" will be used in this opening song. It's their third song which was chosen for Naruto openings the first one Broken Youth was used for 6th opening and Driver for the 8th opening.The ending theme song is "I can Hear you" by upcoming band Dish//.

Release Date Episode Number Episode Title
April 4, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 307 Disappearing Into the Moonlight !!
April 11, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 308 Night of the Crescent Moon
April 18, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 309 A-Rank Mission: The Noble’s Tournament
April 25, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 310 Crumbling Shrine

Fillers Kill Anime fun?

Since fillers have become a schedule in Naruto do you think side stories or fillers kill original Anime thrill? In my opinion fillers are good if they are somewhat related to the original characters. I always wished for the past of all time favorite characters like Minato, Jiraya, Shisui and Itachi its just my opinion I dont know what you think regarding it but side stories like Kakashi Gaiden were worth watching.


  1. No fillers aren't good because everyone is waiting for Wat happenes next on the original story and when fillers come in people don't really give a shit after and kinda lose interest in the original

    1. I agree !! Majority of fans lost their intereset already !!

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  3. No...fillers sucks... The flashbacks in the original episode are already enough

  4. Fillers are a part of Anime, it wouldn't be the same without them. If you don't like them read the manga... or do both like I do and enjoy a little difference.

  5. First of all fillers r not at all good.... I hate it... Nd if.u insist on.putting fillers into the main story,put smthing useful like flashbacks -minato,kushina,nd the previous kages like mui,etc...

  6. these kinda fillers r good the 1st reason they extend the series just think if kishimoto will show all main story right now so the series would be finish and secondly,besides main characters their should be other characters stories and u r right it,s worth watching


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