Naruto Manga 625 Discussion

With the release of the naruto Manga 625 "The Real Dream" we finally got the reason what turned Madara evil. The chapter starts with Hashirama agreeing with Madara's condition and instead of killing his brother he decided to kill himself but the moment he was going to stab himself he was stopped by Madara and here comes the brotherly love of Madara and for the first time in History Uchiha and Senju became allies.

 Afterwards they made alotof allies like Sarutobi Clan and Shimura Clan. The one who will take care or become the head of the village will be called as Hokage meaning "Fire Shadow" this name was suggested by Hashirama. Then the  name of the village was given by Madara The village behind Leaves "The Hidden Leaf" and then Hashirama says that while i would be busy as a Hokage you will protect the village as my right hand  and I will carve your face in stone it will mean that you will protect the village . The same place where we see all 5 Hokage faces This place was actually meant for Madara face .

 Here comes the scary part  Tobirama came and the way Tobirama and Madara looked each other meant that they still dont trust each other. Later Hashirama while talking to Tobirama says that he wants Madara to become The head of Village (Hokage) but Tobirama disagreed with the idea and said that you should go
with the majority of the votes among the village even the Uchiha's think that you created Hidden Leaf Village. Suddenly Hashirama hear some rustle outside the room  and he figured it was Madara and was shocked.

Then they Hashirama and Uchiha were shown in one of Uchiha Hideout where their special stone Monument has been kept. Hashirama says that as far as he was able to decipher it. It means that if the two opposing forces cooperate real happines can be achieved. 

I think we all can say now that Sasuke will be joining Naruto sooner or later thats the only way to end this pathetic ninja World System and to bring peace !! (The biggest hint towards the main Ending In my opinon). Lets continue with the chapter Madara says that he is not fool. He knows everything about Tobirama and he still dont believe me. Hashirama says with the passage of time you will become Second Hokage and people will have more faith in you But Madara interupt and points out that Second hokage will be your brother and when that time will come their would be no future for Uchiha's I told same thing to my Clan memebers as a leader but no one listened to me and says that he also found another way to achieve happiness that means Madara was able to found something more from that stone as we know the more powerful the Uchiha eyes are they more they can decipher it. Thats the reason Orochimaru always wanted a Sharingan. I believe that sasuke will now stop hearing story from Hashirama as he already read the Stone Monument and all we can do is wait to see which way Sasuke will choose !! or maybe Kishimoto will shopw us the legendary fight of Hashirama and Madara which occured at the valley of the End !!

So what he was able to read? Any Idea? I believe he came to know about the Infinite Tsukuyomi ( The Perfect Moon Eye Plan ) He didnt told anything to Hashirama beacuse he knew that Hashirama will disagree with that and they will have to fight again and only Hashirama is capable of defeating him.
But whatever Madara stated that time became true Second Hokage was Tobirama not some Uchiha and Uchiha were not given some special rank among the village they were bound we know about the Konoha Police Station the only organization which was under Uchiha custody !!


  1. yeah he turned into evil, because he really think he was betrayed, even his own clan that his brother gave his life to protect it! only hashirama understand and appreciate him but sad to say hashi and him we're rivals! hashirama wants the best of madara but the entire village wants hashirama. too tough for madara that his best friend is his rival and the only one that can compete with him, same as hashirama! and in hashirama's case is too hard to that he needed to choose which in his two brother's tobirama and madara he'll follow. when his real bro tobirama hates madara because of his clan plus the entire village who doesn't trust him, not even his own clan! tobirama totally knew madara was there so he said everything for madara to know that no one trust him!

    1. Yup I completely Agree on the fact That tobirama knew that Madara was there and he opened his Big Mouth !! How can the best Sensor type ninja cant figure if Madara was there or not !!


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