Naruto Manga 624 Discussion

Finally after a break Naruto Manga 624 "Aiko" has been released. This chapter is just amazing I would rate it 5/5.

Things confirmed in this chapter were

1) How an Uchiha can awake his sharingan.
2) How Izuna Got Killed.
 My prediaction
3) Why Tobirama created Edo tensei !!

 It started from where we left main battle started between Uchiha and Senju. Their Fathers as well as their brothers were equally strong. Madara and Hashirama at the same time protect their brothers and Madara mention that he will not forgive anyone who will hurt his brother Hashirama tries to confess Madara but Madara dont get agree so finally its 3 on 3 battle but Madara mention that Hashirama is more stronger then him they will loose if they fight now and this incident helped Madara to awaken his Sharingan power. His father was happy because they were able to get something special a child having sharingan at very small age even Butsuma Senju was surprised.

So one thing proved that to awake a Sharingan an Uchiha must kill or loose his best friend.

Madara awakened Sharingan


After this incident they keep on fighting each other and they became the leaders of their clans and then we see a fight were Izuna was attacked by Tobirama by HiraiShingari and this attack was the reason Izuna got killed. This incident changed Madara completely he lost control over himself and got the true power of Sharingan "Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan".

Izuna Death

In every fight Hashirama tries to confess Madara that in order to protect Uchiha and Senju they must become one but Madara never agreed. In one fight Madara was defeated and  Tobirama was going to kill Madara but Hashirama stops him that he will never kill Madara because if the leader of Uchiha clan would be defeated the young Uchihas will go on rampage. Uchiha Clan never trusted Senju so Hashirama ask how he can build their trust Madara states that he dont have any siblings left . I will trust you when you will kill your brother or yourself then we will be on equal footing !! 

Madara Agreement

This last demand was too much from Madara killing Hashirama or His brother. Now we can say that Edo tensei was just created for Izuna so that he can come back and Madara would be happy to see him back and he will trust Senju Clan.
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