Naruto Manga 623 Discussion

Naruto Manga 623 "A view" continue with flashback story of Uchiha Madara and Hashirama Senju. Hashirama mentions that just like him madara also had the same view regarding this ninja world and they both can understand each other. Then Madara makes fun of Hashirama that they dont have same opinon on everything Hashirama got lame look and hairs (So making fun of people is in Madara Blood !! ).
Then they both starts to train together to change future but they got no idea how to change so they started with their weak points.

Weak Points

Madara weak point is that he is defenceless while peeing (As he mentioned that he is too senstive)
Hashirama get depressed on small things thats his weak point we already saw this when Tobirama interupted him.
Then Hashirama Mention that he just thought of a great jutsu "Secret Taijutsu Super Katon Genjutsu cutting Big Shuriken Double Drop Technique". This Technique seems to be a mixture or we can say hybrid of five to six jutsu's but madara rejected and then after a wall climbing race where they can see whole forest view and Madara points out confidently that he can see farway then him then he was going to mention his sharingan he suddenly stopped beacuse people dont reveal their clans.
Now here we came to know that Madara still has one brother left whom he wants to protect and yeah he is none other then Izuna Uchiha.

Hidden Leaf Started:

After hearing this Hashirama mention that they will build a school where children would be taught how to become strong and madar agrees and this school or society was later know as "Hidden Village".

Senju vs Uchiha !!

Now the main conflicts started Tobirama tailed Hashirama beacuse his father ordered and they tell him they boy you are meeting is from Uchiha Clan and he is avery skilled ninja who even killed our adults. Hashirama was shocked when he heared that he wouldhave to spy on Uchiha Clan and get information from Madara if he founds then he will kill Madara. Tobirama and Hashirama Father Bituma Senju will also watch over him.
The next time they met each other during their stone exhange both warned each other to Run away its dangerous that means Madara was given the same task as Hashirama. So they quit the game and run away while running Madara's father Tajima Uchiha and Izuna Appear on ground and at the same time Butsuma Senju and Tobirama appear.

This chapter confirmed one thing as mentioned by tobi (Obito Uchiha) that Uchiha and Seju are destined to fight each others.
  • Butsuma Senju vs Tajima Senju
  • Tobirama Senju vs Izuna Uchiha 
  • Hashirama Senju vs Madara Uchiha
Dispite of the fact they were good friends it was in their fates to fight each others. I really liked this chapter I would rate it 4/5. Remember to rate the chapter below and feel free to comment and discuss more.