FairyTail Anime Ends on 30th March

Sad news for all Fairy Tail anime fans that from 30th March 2013 the Fairy Tail Anime 2013 will no longer be broadcasted on televison, so from 6th april anime named Tanken Driland will be broadcasted instead of FairyTail on the exact same time of Fairy Tail 10:30am .

It was expected to happen sooner or later as the anime and manga are almost on same arc and soon anime would catch up with manga.
Note: The Main author of FairyTail Manga Hiro Mashima shared a tweet about this issue with his fans on his official twitter account that

Until the time comes, I cannot say something I've always wanted to say, even on Twitter. Please be patient and wait until the time comes for me to announce some good news.
So we can expect from this tweet that fairy tail anime would be back after some time.
Fairy Tail anime was about protecting your friends and guild. Natsu and Lucy are main protagonists. Natsu wants to find his father who is a dragon, so Natsu is know as Salamander the Dragon Slayer as he was taught by a fire dragon but one day igneel went missing so Natsu is looking for him and Lucy dream was to join FairyTail Guild so that she can become Celestial wizard just like her mother.


On 22nd July 2013 Hiro Mashima ( Creator of Fairy Tail Manga) Tweeted on his account that there will be a good news On July 4 2013. Coild it be that FairyTail Anime is coming back after 2 months?
Do you believe same?