One Piece Manga 700 Review

Finally after long time some thrilling action came in One Piece, alot of new and shocking news . The moment I read this chapter the first thing that came to my mind was to discuss it with all of you and since One Piece reached 700 manga chapter so Cheers.

Before going any further I would like you to read manga the name of the chapter is "His pace".
We see that underground mafia having problems beacuse of what luffy and Law did with ceaser and Doflaminago.

Jewlery Bonney was shown reading newspaper. Then we see Pirate Eutass Kid one of warlord who seems to be more interested in Law and Luffy alliance that which Yonkou they are going to take down rather then his alliance with other pirate Appo and Hawkins being revealed by a newspaper writer Abusa. I can clearly see some big fights coming in future all supernov's going for big shots ( 4 yonkou's ) and we dont even know what they are plotting cant sure even if they trust each other except Luffy who trust Law for saving him at Marineford Arc.

Jinbei 700 manga

Then in one panel we see jinbei and one man with big coat along with smoke who he is? To me it looks like he is Croco Boy. After that Doflamingo addressing with the people of Dressoa revealing that he left the postion of Shichibukai. Then we see luffy quick reactions "He is gona be pirate King" this was Epic thats why I love luffy and threats Doflamingo if he did something again he will kick his ass. Doflamingo in sarcastic voice you vanished after your brother death
and hints that he has something that is very precious to Luffy and Luffy will get it any cost. Well what he mentioned is really precious to Luffy will talk about it later but Luffy with out asking thinks about some type of  special meat. Few Funny Moments and Law takes Den Den Mushi and says to doflamingo that he will give him Ceaser with in 8 hour on Solitary Island North of Dressrosa.

Luffy and Law One Piece Manga 700

Then Sanji points that what will happen that if he will bring his army law states that they will threat them to destroy the Smile Factory which is very precious to them but he dont know where that factory actually.

 New Shichibukai's

New Shichibukai's
Then new exciting thing that was revelead was news about marine we see some new faces who joined Shichibukai. Buggy the clown is now an Shichibuaki I was shocked to see how it happened how he got this rank well that means that letter sent to him after war was an offer to become Shichibuaki. Im my opionon he got this title beacuse he was apart of pirate king Crew, best friend of Red Haired Shanks and because of impel down prisoners who follows him and in last panel we see a new person who face is not shown. I really wonder who he really is. He may be some one who was at marineford war.

 Akainu and New Admiral:

Sheeesh here come the scary and most hated person in one piece Akianu who mentioned he sent Fujitora to check on Luffy and Law. I am sure that this New Guy named Fujitora is actually a new Admiral who took the place of Aokiji I wonder what type of power or Devil fruit Fujitora has and I believe he is quite powerful beacuse we know how akainu wants marine to be. He will surely be like Akainu ruthless thats the only reason Akainu can approve him in my opinion

Doflamingo and Ace Devil Fruit Mera Mera.

Another Exciting thing. Why Doflamingo wants luffy to come to his place and Doflamingo is sure that Luffy will come to get his brother Devil Fruit Mera Mera Fruit. We cant say how he got this Devil Fruit could this be related to Smile Factory which is very precious to him but he is quite sure that luffy will come to get this fruit he thinks luffy can even break the alliancewith law in order to get this fruit.
Its a whole new plot I dont know what did Oda sensei thinking In my opinion i dont want some else to use Ace power other then Luffy or Sabo if he is alive.

Ace Fruit Mera Mera Doflamingo

What were your reaction after reading this chapter I would rate this chapter 9 / 10 as alot of new fights and new character are coming so conclusion tons of new action iscoming in One piece in next few months.


  1. When Doflamingo said."I wanted to drink with you now that you're grown up", it made me think that maybe Doflamingo is Sabo. Remember when they drank sake when they were just youngsters? and now, maybe he wants to drink with luffy now that they're grown-ups.

    1. Yeah but I am not sure he is Saboo. but there was a one mask man shown recently with a gun with a covered Face I Think he is Saboo. What ever the case I am sure Saboo is alive !!


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