Official Back Cover of Naruto Storm 3 Xbox 360

Since there is not much time left until so today Bandai gaming network has officially revealed the back cover of the xbox 360 of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.
Majority of the fans were expecting Madara to be on back cover as there was fake cover made by Russians was going around having Madara on the back  but officially there is no such thing the background cover features Kabuto and Masked tobi along with all konoha ninja, bee and Uzumaki Naruto.

Madara was announced in 28th set of series of cards but officially  there is no confirmation that Madara would be in game or not. Not sure if they are going for surprise on there opening by annoucing Uchiha Madara. All we can do is wait and hope they let Madara in.


Do you believe that Madara would be in game?  Every one wants to see him so according to my opinion Namco should make him a playable character as there are alot of Madara fans and to make game more interesting.


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