Naruto Storm 3 North America Dlc Costumes

Good News for the North American Naruto Storm 3 Fans as Dlc costumes for North American fans are also revealed by Namco Bandai. The Dlc costume of North American users are just like European which Includes

How can user get these costumes?

For Japanese and European users these coustumes were available to only those users who preordered the game but Namco Bandai mentioned that American users who wants to get these coustumes  must register on there offical sites ShonenJump and NeonAlley both sites are the property of Viz Media.  Note: ( Neon Alley is only accessible in Usa and Canada ) . This offer is also valid for those user who had already registered so that means they dont need to signup again they will also receive these coustumes.
Note: All Redemption details will be revealed soon.