Naruto Storm 3 New Screen Shots and Trailer

Gameplay of few characters ( Naruto, Sasuke, Mifune, Hanzo, Darui and Tailed Beasts ) has been showed by a youtube user Hobby Consolas. He showed us we can use other characters to our support like in the video shown sasuke would be using team takka (Jugo and suigestu) and Naruto would be using (Kakashi and Haruno Sakura).

What is Yellow Aura Surrounding Naruto and Sasuke?!


If you see clearly you will see there is yellow aura surrounding sasuke and naruto we may call it team charge attack. It works like if it hits the opponent we can call our supporter to attack and do more damage to the opponent user, the support attack can be of any type like ground attacks or any flying attacks as shown in the video but it takes your chakara so be careful while using it.

Team Charge Attack

The blood was also shown but it was not pure red it was like splashing of black lines. In this video the player 1 used almost all special attacks of characters he played, you can have the idea about game graphics, it would be more better if he should the final roster too.

Uchiha Sasuke using Genjutsu

Sasuke using genjutsu

Naruto calling Sakura and Kakashi for support Attacks

Support attack of naruto

Sasuke going to use Amaterasu!!

Amaterasu storm 3

Susanno Attack of Sasuke Uchiha !!

Susanoo Attack storm 3

 Shadow Clone Jutsu for RasenShuriken Attack !

Shadown clone along with rasenshuriken

Watch the Screen Shots of Tailed Beasts and their Hosts 

Here is the complete game play !!