Naruto Storm 3 Hinata Neji Sasuke Screen Shots

At last Namco Bandai had released new screen shots of Hyuga Clan . Yeah New screen shots of Hyuga Hinata and Neji along with there Gai Sensei and lee showing there special moves are out. Few Screen shots are of Uchiha Sasuke fighting with Samurai's at 5 kage Summit, actually they revealed few combo keys about Sasuke gameplay like Jumps and few others. Karin was also shown supporting Sasuke and Finally the Long awaited moment Uchiha Sasuke and Naruto Fight Screen Shot is also shown. Naruto in Biju Mode and Uchiha Sasuke using Susanoo.So far the best Picture !! isnt it?

Uchiha Sasuke Game Play

Storm 3 Sasuke photo1
Storm 3 Sasuke photo 2
Storm 3 Sasuke photo3
Storm 3 Sasuke photo4

Hyuga Hinata and Neji Hyuga Game Play

Storm 3 Hinata 1
Storm 3 Neji 3
Storm 3 Neji 2
Storm 3 Hinata 3
Storm 3 Hinata 2
Storm 3 Hinata 4
Storm 3 Hinata 5
Storm 3 Neji 1

Rock Lee and Gai Sensei GamePlay

Naruto Storm 3 Gai and Lee
Naruto Storm 3 Gai and Lee 2
Naruto Storm 3 Gai
Naruto Storm 3 Gai 2

Naruto GamePlay and Naruto Vs Sasuke Screen Shots

Naruto Storm 3 Naruto vs Tobi
Naruto Storm 3 Naruto
Naruto Storm 3 Naruto 2
Naruto Storm 3 Naruto vs Sasuke 1

Naruto Storm 3 Naruto vs Sasuke 2


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