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Naruto Manga 622 "To other side" has been released. The story goes on and Hashirama keeps on telling how he and madara met. So this chapter revealed more about hashirama and madara past and the time they met both were shinobi's.

The Madara and Hashirama Relation:

The  chapter starts with madara asking for hashirama name. Hashirama told his name but he didn't mentioned his surname beacuse Its dangerous to say surname those days as war was going on and its also a shinobi rule. So Madara throwed a stone.

Naruto Manga 622

Clink Clink ** Hashirama Notice The way Madara handle and throw stone he is a ninja just like him and madara again failed to send stone to other side and blames hashirama that it was his fault he stood behind him and distracted him and he is so senstive that he cant even pee if some one is
standing behind him .( I laughed so hard at this point never thought that madara would be this senstivie and we can see how wars ( hatred) changed him ).

Then  hashirama makes an apology from madara and madara "it nothing to be depressed" then we see some horrifying laugh of hashirama them madara again gets angry and hashirama point that he is better then him at stone pikking
Well they both seems to be friendly I really liked the relation ship betwwen them it is just like how Obito and Kakashi had and some what related to naruto and Sasuke.
Hashirama oin leaving notice a body of shinobi who belongs to Hagoromo clan the quick reaction used by hashirama made madara realized that he is also a shinobi.
Hagorome clan

Hagorome Clan is an enemy of Senju Clan or may be they are allies of Uchiha.
It may means that they both are related to some extent.

Hashirama and Madara brothers

Then we see  more about hashirama family hashirama had 2 brothers
1) Tobirama Senju
2) Itama Senju
Then on coming back hashirama see that his dear kawarama who was just 7 died and his father points that this attack was not only made by Hagaromo clan but Uchiha were also with them.
Hashirama states that this System of Shinobi world is wrong why there is killing ( We can see even in his childhood hashirama was disppointed about this ninja system).
He mentioned its just a adult games which leads to their children death Hashirama Father gets angry and beats him but his brother stopped there by excusing that he is sad.
We then see hashirama way of thinking ninja World ( He always wanted to make a ninja Alliance). The place where they were talking a uchiha with a scar on his face came and killed there brother Itama ( Thats the main reason why Tobirama Hated Uchiha the most ).

Uchiha Killing Itama
Itama Death

Itama Death




Then hashirama was shown on sea side and madara came asked the reason why he is depressed Hashirama mention that his brother and asked madara that does he have any siblings
Madara stated he had 4 brother and he also lost them and told the only way to stop this is by revealing every single truth and making an alliance but he says its impossible to Show each other real thought and this time while throwing stone madara succeeded to reach other side.




Your Thoughts?

We see that both had same thinking do you have any idea what was the reason that changed madara ? The time he lost his four brothers heis thinking was same as that of hashirama and who were the four brothers hashirama mentioned? I really liked the chapter i would it 9/10. Fee free to discuss and comment below.


  1. i think of other brothers of madara, what would they have become if they had lived??? also i guess tobirama invented the edo tensei to see his brother again...:/

  2. Yup I Agree that Edo tensei was for Itama Senju.


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