Naruto Manga 621 Discussion

First of all before going any further I would suggest you to watch Naruto Manga 621 "Hashirama and Madara" as we are going to discuss this chapter. Finally we are able to see
the legandary fight between Uchiha Madara and Hashirama Senju well that was just Epic. This fight clearly showed that they are on whole different level then other Shinobi's,
that the reason Hashirama is know as the God of Shinobi and Ninja world fear by Uchiha Madara name. We see Hashirama explains Sasuke how he met Madara and how there main fight came to end.


We see that Hashirama use Mokuton-Goubi No jutsu to figh with Madara Beasts (Susanoo and Kubi) and  another exciting thing we see is that that madara was able to guard biju with his susanoo this may be his Special power of Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, whatever Madara then use some Biju Bommb to attack and Hashirama trying to protect land Summom "Goju Rashouman!!". This way he
changed the course of biju bomb and it reached another shore and madara say he changed alot since they last fought. Hashirama tries to convince Madara that war will bring no gain its disgrace for their brothers and comrades and Hashirama points that he dont want to kill Madara. Madara gets angry upon hearing this and starts attacking and Hashirama I thought we are freinds and hell yeah Hashirama gets serious and use his special move

Hashirama Sage Mode

"Senpou Mokuton ShinsuuSenju" that means(Thousand of Hands) then we see some extra size 1000 large hands and which are probably 10 times more bigger then Madara Beats. As we know Kishimoto san in every fight there are flashbacks this is without an expection we see Hashirama and Madara past and they were rivals since their child hood.

Thousands of Hnds Jutsu


From this Chapter we can assume that uchihas can guard biju beats with there susanno may be in futue we see madara or sasuke guarding jubi with there susanno just a thought.
The jutsu Thousands of Hands was jutsu Hashirama can use in Sage Mode.The way his eyes changed was just like Naruto, Jiraya  when they were in Sage Mode so we can say that Hashirama used some type of Sage Technique.
Then we can see that Madara never liked the fact the he lost he always wanted to be on top and I am sure they were team mates but who could be the third memeber Mito Uzumaki ?

Feel Free to Discuss this Chapter if you have any new idea comment I will surely Reply you Back :)