Anime LineArt

Since majority of the people are interested in coloring animes, manga or sketches so here is an easy way to make your own linearts, but I saw alot of people feeling disappointed about the fact that for good quality linearts and coloring you need pen tablets, well in my opinion you can do alot better even without a pen tablet. In this tutorial I will tell you how to do a good quality lineart with out tablets using pen tool.
Note its not diffcult if you have a little knowledge about photoshop. So lets get started. For Preparing Lineart I would be using Photoshop cs3 you can use any photoshop version beacuse the tool we are going to use works same in all versions.

Required Things

A scan or picture
Eraser (Sometimes )
Pen Tool ( Most Important )
Time depends on your experience with photoshop

How to do 

 First Open your required scan/photo in photoshop then you need to unlock your layer by default it is named as background to unlock just double click and rename it to original layer you can use any name of your choice.
For better Lineart results its necessary that you change that image size of your picture. Greater the size of the picture easier to prepare lineart so to change image size go to the top menu bar then click Image then find Image Size then change height or width one of them to above 1000 pixels.
Then create two new layers name the first one back ground and second one Lineart and drag the background one below the original one and set the opacity level I usally use opacaity 40% to 45% it depends on you where you can clearly see. You can see the settings in the picture below.

Layer Settings

How to Use Pen Tool

Now you need to use pen tool if you dont know how to use pen tool its not a big deal all we have to do with pen tool is to add anchors (small points) and move them according to our needs.Create two points and drag your mouse to get the required results you can also move the line by making another anchor point on the line and then pressing Ctrl Key and dragging the mouse to make curves. I explained a bit in the picture below.

Pentool tricks

Note always use brush of 1px or 2px depending on the size of the picture i have used 1px and the result would be smooth lines which are best for cellshading coloring method. For tablets like effects (sharp edges) you have stroke three times with different brush sizes. with simulating pressuring on then last time turning of. I would reccomend you to use soft lines for now.

There are few other things we can do with pen tool may be I will explain that while coloring manga in some other tutorial .
Note: If you still have any problem regarding pen tool feel free to comment below we will sort it out.
Here is the little portion I did with pen tool then I unmarked original layer to check how my lineart will look.

Lineart tutorial

Final OutPut :

 Keep on doing this for hairs, eyes, nose clothers till you are done. In the end i again changed image size to normal so that it would look little better.
Free LineArt

Comment below if you have any problem or you didnt understand any point.