Online Naruto Game in 2013 by Namco Bandai,Tencent Games

Namco Bandai signed an agreement with the Chineese company know as Tencent games to develop an Online Naruto Game.Tencent game is a game development platform and it is considered as the China Largest Online Gaming Community.The game is likely to be released in 2013 by tencent games on there online gaming site ,moreover it seems that in start the game will be developed only for the people of China.It was also mentioned that Cyberconnect2 the developer of the Ultimate Naruto Game series would help them in this great project.
In 2011 from a report of Chineese game indutry it is mentioned that the Online Chineese market is worth 44.6 billion Chinese yuan which is around $7 billion USD.
It is indeed a great step for development of online anime games and we are likely to see such games in our tablets, iphones or on such other electronic devices.