North America gets Onepiece Pirate Warriors 2 this Summer

We all know that the development of One piece pirate warriors 2 was started in december 2012 and will be availabe in japan on March 20,2013 and later it announced that this game would be able to Europe this summer but noticing the amount of fans from North America the Namco Bandai in there recent press release on 21st January 2013 has annouced that One piece pirate warrior 2 for PlayStation 3 will also be available for the people of North America.
The Game covers new world arc and skypiea arc. In the press it was mentioned that players would be able to play there favourite characters almost all strawhats especailly the strong ones (Luffy, Zoro, Sanji) it was also showed that Eneru the god of skypiea is also a playable character for the first time in ps3 one piece games.The players will have to advance through wondrous new world islands along with unreleased  stages like skypiea island.

Few more information about One piece pirate warrior 2

Players can use Haki It was shown in video that Luffy was able to Armament Haki.
A Scan from Jump also showed that Bartholomew Kuma is also a playable character.
This game would not release for Playstation vita in North America.