January 2013 Schedule for One Piece Anime


After some fillers regarding film Z in december finally One piece strikes back with its original story. The whole new arc is planed on an island named as Punk Hazard.So the One Piece Anime 2013 January schedule is as follows

Note : Few episodes titles are Japanese translations so there can be little change in words comparing with the original release from Funimation.

Release Date Episode Number Episode Title
January 6, 2013One Piece Episode 579 Arriving!! Burning Island Punk Hazrad!
January 13, 2013One Piece Episode 580 Scroching Battle !! Luffy vs The Giant Dragon
January 20, 2013One Piece Episode 581 The Crew Confused !! The Shocking Beheaded Samurai Appears
January 27, 2013One Piece Episode 582 Surprise !! The Secret of Island is Finally Revealed
January 27, 2013One Piece Episode 583 Save the Children !! Start of a Gang Fight