Naruto Manga 614 Discussion

First of all I dont want to spoil any one fun so Read Naruto Manga 614 before I start my reviews on this chapter !!.

Review :

Ok So after a long time we had some interesting chapter, from story point of view I would rate this chapter 5/5 , ofcourse one the other hand many Neji Hyuga fans are mad  and sad why Kishimoto sensei decided to kill Neji you can count me in however guys its necessary to procede the story further. In Manga 613 from the death of Shikarmaru and Ino Father we can predict that there are more deaths coming.

In Manga 614 we have seen that Jubi is going to evolve in to its final form soon and then it would be hard probably impossible to control him and we can see that to become Jinchuruki Uchiha Madara need its original body and in order to get his original body he needs some one to perform Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique (the one pain used to revive the Hidden Leaf Shinobi's )
 and then we see the most horrible part of today's chapter the woods piercing through Neji Body and Neji words "Hinata is willing to die for you" thats point towards the strong relation between naruto and hinata as naruto is one who dont go back from his words. Then we see Obito provoking Naruto "I thought you would not let me kill a single comrade of yours" to me Obito just wants to give naruto the same feeling he felt for her friend Rin, as we have seen in this manga that obito is not an alley of Madara so there are many chances that who ever will be killed during this war will be revived by obito just like Nagato Uzumaki did.It will depend on Naruto answer how he will persuade Obito and how he will face him after such circumstances.

Rest In peace In Neji Hyuga

Neji Bio :                                             

Age: 17
Date of Birth : 3rd July
Rank : Jonnin
Team Mates : Tenten, and Rock Lee
Sensei : Gai (The Konoha Gren Beast)
Clan : Hyuga
Blood Type : O
Hobby : Medittaion
Died : 18th December 2012




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