One Piece Romance Dawn PSP Game Trailer

One Piece Game Romance Dawn Psp Edition PackFive minutes trailer of PSP RPG's game trailer Onepiece: Romance Dawn has been realeased by Namco Bandai Games.The video shows some footages of games in which every member of Straw Hat's is showed in action,video also showed the main character which are playable (StrawHats), Maps, changing the look of each Straw hat like Luffy showed with Ace Hat.

The game will begin from the start of the manga with the first of arc of One Piece "Romance Dawn" and continue as the manga proceeds along with the 30 minutes of new style anime footage.Players would be able to use all the attacks of Straw Hats till the time skip like luffy would be able to use Gear Second.Players can conqueror the sea and advance there game play  by completing missions and defeating enemies like Shichibukai, and Marines.The game will be released in Japan on December 20th, 2012 right after the One Piece Movie Z and One Piece Special Luffy: Hand Island Adventure.

A Special Limited Edition Black PSP Model having Straw Hat flags on it black will be released by Sony Computer Entertainment
Are you going to Buy This Game Or Limited Edition Black Psp?Looks Pretty Awesome Cant Wait!!