One Piece Episode Hand Island Adventure of Luffy

One Piece Special Episode LuffyAfter One Piece Episode of Nami: Kōkaishi no Namida to Nakama no Kizuna(Tears of Navigator and Bond of Friends) A Sixth New Special One Piece Episode of Luffy: Hand Island no Bōken (Hand Island Adventure) will  release on Saturday 15th December 2012 right after the One Piece Episode 576. Special Episode is related to the upcoming One Piece Movie Film Z which will also be airing on Saturday 15th December in which Luffy is considered as a Main Character. One Piece Manga creator Eiichora Oda himself  is supervising the Special Episode of Luffy.
Lead Character in Special Episodes Are
Monkey D Luffy
Red Haired Shanks (Past)
Marine Commander Coby

The Story of the Hand Island no Boken Starts just before the events of One Piece Film Z.The Main story is set is such a way that parents and children works as a craftpeople in place know as Canon Town.The Story Revolves around them Red Haired Shanks and the commodore of Marine base.This Special Episode also contains a flashback from One Piece Manga Chapter 1 (Scenes of Luffy and Shanks) with new Animation.