Naruto 610 Predications

Naruto Manga 610: Finally time has come !!

Naruto Manga 609: The End Read first if you had not yet !!

Jubi started to swing his tails crushing mountains destroying plain areas...
Naruto: How did Biju Bomb didn't worked??
Hachibi: Bee we are doomed now we cant stop him he is coming.
Kakashi and Gai: Stares?!?!
Madara: Smiles..
Obito: Finally time has come for our plan.Moon Eye's Plan. Now I can change this shinobi world. No more hatred no more killing...
Madara: Stands Up and move towards to Jubi.
Kakashi: Obito,Madara are you guys mad? Cant you sense Jubi chakra level?How do you plan on controlling it. Shraingan wont work on him..
Obito: Thats the purpose of rinngan.You forgot I told you once that sage had same eyes.Thats how he controlled and defeated Jubi..
Kakashi: ???
Flash Back Remebers it saying "its just a myth"
Obito: I will control jubi with my rinnegan.
Madara: Finally I will be able to become to the Jubi 10 Tailed Beat..

Naruto: Do you know that you must have to remove all hatred from jubi heart in order to control it.You wont be able to do it.As you seems to be evil.
Madara: Evil? Brat What are you saying?
Naruto: How you can out every one inside genjutsu. What kind of life is that. I heard about your fight with First Hokage Senju Hashirama. You were defeated. Now you are just going to get the revenge for that defeat and take control of this whole shinobi world.
Kubi:I would never accept that you control me Madara!!!
Naruto: I will never let this happen. I will destroy Jubi and everything will be finished.
Naruto and Bee charges towards to Jubi to Suppress him..
Madara: I wont let that happen. I will control him.
Madara uses Wood dragon and wrapped Jubi with Wood dragon..
Naruto: ?!?!
Madara: I will not let you harm him Unless he is revived.
Gai: We should not be burden on them.Lets attack together.I am going to use 8th Gate the Death Gate. Kakashi: Gai In you current state you wont be able to use and there are no chances that you will survive after using 8th gate.
Gai: Its ok. Kakashi its our duty to protect our village dont forget Asuma,Jiraya Sensei and 3rd Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen..
Kakashi:You are right.. Lets Attack Madara...
Obito: I wont let that happen. Told you I am your opponent!!!!!
Gai: charges towards Madara.!!
Madara: Wood clone.
Gai: This wont be able to hold me now.!!!