Naruto Shippuden Schedule for October 2012

Naruto Shippuden Schedule for october 2012 has been released.

The best thing is that there seems to be no filler for half of the october,but they anime production increased some fights. So more action ?
Guess No.We all are eager to see the main characters fights Like Itachi and Nagato Vs Bee and Naruto,
enterance of madara and soon
So in October we are going to have :-
Octobe 4:
Naruto Shippuden Episode No 282 : The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team.

October 11 :
Naruto Shppuden Episode No 283 : Two Suns.

October 18 :
Naruto Shippuden Episode No 284 : Kabutowari! Jinin Akebino.

October 25
Naruto Shippuden Episode No 285 : Scorch Style User! Pakura of the Hidden Sand.