Naruto 607 Predication

Naruto 607 : The Beginning of Akatsuki !!

Akatsuki Beginning
Nagato: Who are you?
Obito : I am Uchiha Madara!!
Nagato : ??? That guy died ages ago..Theres no way he could be alive ...
Obito : These eyes they are Rinnegan aren't they? Just like the Sage of six paths eyes ...
Nagato : How you know about this?
Obito : Told you I am the invincible Uchiha Madara... I know everything... and I have one favour from you...
Nagato: What is that?
Obito : I want to join Akatsuki. I want to meet your leader though I am more interested in you.
Scene Changes to Yahiko, Nagato, Konon, Tobi and Zetsu..
Yahiko : So you are  Madara Uchiha. Nagato told me that you want to Join Akatsuki.. what brings the great Shinobi of his time to join some beginners ...
Obito : The main purpose of Akatsuki is to bring peace .... I also want to bring peace in this world. I want to change the fate of this world.
Konan : If you are Madara Uchiha why dont you show us your face.
As Obito removes his mask Zetsu change Obito face to Madara as Zetsu has the ability to copy others who he touches once.
Yahiko :We will talk about this later.... We shall be in trouble If people knows that we have great Uchiha Madara in our Team .They all know that Madar Uchiha wants to rule the world. They will think same for Akatsuki....
Obito :ahhh!!!As you whish but let me know If you want my help though you shall need help soon..
Flash Back.. 
Scene changes.. to Hanzou ordering Nagato to kill Yahiko. Nagato picks kunai  and yahiko rans towards nagato and yahikp is dead. Hanzou try to kill Konan but Nagato saves her and summon Gedo Mazou and kill Hanzou Subordinbates .
Hanzou : Those Eyes !! So you are the main character behind all this...
Konan along with Nagato in his weak state reaches there Hide Out ..
Tobi : How does it feel to loose your freind infront of your eyes?
Konan : Stop it. How you reached here .Who told you about our location.
Obito : I have my means.. There is no peace in this world why dont we join .Why dont you listen to my plan..
Konan : Your plan?
Nagato : Whats your plan?
Obito : Explain everything about  Moon eye plan and tells that they want to capture all the tailed beast in order to perform Moon eye plan..
Nagato : How we are going to capture all tailed beats.we are just four members..
Obito : From today on we shall start recuriting memebers.....We already got a member..
Nagato: who they are?
Obito : Kisame (one of the seven swordmen of Mist)
Akatsuki BeginningThen Obito and Nagato started collecting members.They made there Main head quaters In Hidden Rain Village.
With in few days Akatsuki was full of rougue ninja which contained ..

  1. Pain
  2. Konan
  3. Itachi Uchiha
  4. Orochimaru
  5. Hidan
  6. Kakuzu
  7. Deidara
  8. Sasori
  9. Kisame
  10. Tobi
Obito : Rin I will bring you back . I will change the fate of this world just wait for me Rin
Chapter Ends
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Akatsuki Beginning