Naruto Manga 607 Discussion

Naruto Manga 607 Discussion

1) How Obito knows when Naruto was going to born.

2) In Hashirama and Madara fight how Hashirama captured Kubi (WoodDragon)

3) Naruto vs Madara

4) Finally Tobi vs Kakashi fight...

Just as we predicated it happened almost same In naruto 607 first page Obito says that he is Madara Uchiha, then Yahiko said "If you are Madara Uchiha then you must be some idot or somesort of criminal and why are you approaching us?"Tobi then say Rinnegan he tells that their mission is to help the nagato to awaken his completely Nagato says "How you know about eyes?" Obito These are the eyes of the sage of six paths which are considered to bring peace in the world your are just his reincarnation.Here Obito lies he dont tell them that Madara was the one who gave rinnegan to Nagat but he said that it was due to there small village who always die and other big village shine whenever there was a war the hidden rain village always suffered. Due to this uffering you awakened Rinngan. You can bring peace in this world those eye of yours have the capability of doing it He explain this by saying that "Wherever there is Light there is Darkness and as long as there is winner theres always a concept of loser"Then Obito says that there is a way to create a peaceful world with no loser it could only happen if we awake the true power of Rinnegan Come with us!!
Yahiko "We are not coming... Are you trying to use us?What ever you said sounds too good. By knowing people pain we can get closer to the people world and shedding tears will take us more closer to the real world "Obito shedding tears Revenge? Yahiko No!! I mean to understand eachother Tobi your words are just lies these type of things doesnot exist in our world.
Yahiko as the leader order Konan and Nagato lets go and said that he cant trust him and Zetsu.. Yahiko"There ways of thinking is different.Yahiko dont get close to us again" Obito to Nagato" We will be meeting soon one day" Here I dont know what to say but In my opinnion Obito was responsible for  Yahiko death he must have told hanzou about the intrentions of yahiko and nagato and  told him that will soon they will take Hanzou seat.
Next planel shows us how Obito came to know about the birth of Naruto. He visited Rin grave there he found Kakashi saying that soon Minato Sensei Son will be born. This is it that how Obtio know when Naruto is going to be born.
In Next panel Obito summon Nine tailed Demon fox and attack of Konha village .Then there is a flash back of Obito first time joinning Kakashi and Rin as team mate In other words the fomation of "Team 7"Obito says that he shall be hokage of the village people will fear of his sharingan when he will activate it. Then we see Minato stopping Nine tailed demon fox Bijum Bomb using his space time Justu and Obito says that  He dont care anymore about the village.

Hashirama Wood Dragon
Then we see Naruto saying that he is Son of fourth Hokage I will not fail. Madara since ypu are the original jinchuruki Then Madara uses his Hashirama Wood Dragon and says this jutsu bound the kubi when i fought with Hashirama. Eight Tails Madara is really very strong..
Naruto I wont hold back against a dead Man. Thats why i m going to defeat you here the real fight starts Naruto vs Madara Naruto using Biju Bomb and Madara using Hashirama Wood Dragon to capture Kubi and we are going to have another epic fight Obito I dont have anything to say But the only thing left to for us is to complete our final fight...
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