Naruto Manga 606 Discussion

Naruto 606: Dream World

This Manga explained alot of Plot Holes Like
  • Why Obito Joined Madara.
  • How Madara will perform Moon Eye's Plan.
  • Nagato was from Senju Lineage.
  • Gedou Mazou shell was sealed inside Moon.
  • How madara created artifical zetsu clones.
  •  Rinnegan requirements are Uchiha and Senju both Blood Lines.
  • Black zetsu is actually Madara in a weaker state carrying his will.
This May be little tiresome but you will find it interesting when you read Hope you like it.
Here we Go....
 Madara words came in Obito minds that "The longer you live ... The more you realize that reality is just made up of pain,sufferings and emptiness,where there is light there are also shadows and its such a realtion which can't be avoided "Obito was in complete shock and sadness tries to touch Rin but his hand slip though her neck and obito notices that he awakened Mangekyou Sharingan and then he take Rin in his arms and cries and says that he will a create world where there is no pain no lies ghe will live there with Kakashi and Rin he would create a world where he Rin would be alive.Page 8
Then Obito came back and told madara that the only reason he came back was to change the fate of this world and bring Rin back. Madara asked any one saw you obito?...White Zetsu I was the only one who saw him. Obito killed all thise hidden Mist ninja's and when konoha ninja approched they were shocked to see who killed mist ninja and Obtio didnt killed Kakashi and left him behind but Kakashi was weak so he wasnot able to see anything. Madara wont you regret that you eft your team mate .... This means that Madara was trying to say what if some one attack kakashi in his weak state and kill him what you will be going to do then? Obito I dont care if he lives or dies I told you before I will create a world where Kakashi would be with me and Rin.Page 10
Obito asks Madara tell me how to create a Dream World,that actually meant that Obito was ready to work with Madara on his Moon Eye's Plan. Madara "Starting from today you are the saviour of the world"
Madara uses genjutsu on Obito.Now both Obito and Madar are inside genjutsu world.. Madar explain that if he use Gedo Mazou Power he can do anything can create anything what he whishes for it clearly showed Madara was trying to be more like a So6p. Like So6p (Rikudo Sennin) created everything in the beginning.
Madara proved it by converting himself in to his Prime state when he was young and perfect then Madara explain how will he caste Infinite genjutsu on world.Page12  Madara says that he will use Moon instead of his eyes to caste genjutsu on people and then he will drag people inside his genjutsu.Madara then expalined Obito about the sage of six paths and Gedo Mazou.. (Like how sage created everything from nothing then created yin and yan chakara and all other ninja techniques )
Then panel changes to Obito and Zetsu ....
Zetsu look at that Red haired Boy. Obito is that Madara eyes?Zetsu yeah these are the real eyes of Madara Uchiha he transplated in that boy when he was child and he didnot know anything about madara.Zetsu also mention that besides Madara Nagato was the only one who summoned Gedo Mazou.Page 13Then Obito remeber Madara words that after his fight with Hashirama Senju he got his hands on Hashi Cells.I used them to heal my wounds but nothing happened at the moment but on my death bed I was able to get Rinnegan the Rikudo Sennin eyes and using Rinnegan Power I was able to summon empty shell Gedo Mazou sealed in to stone. (This panel proved that for Gedo Mazou you need Rinnegan) Then Madara tells that the stone where the empty shell of mazou was sealed is none other the "Moon"and I used this empty shell as a catalyst and got Hashirama's cell's and created zetsu they are not as good as Hashi. All this proved that one can only achieve Rinnegan if he has two blood line Uchiha blood and Senju Cell's and only way to control Gedo Mazou is Both Blood Lines. Madara, Obito you have Hashi's cells and Uchiha Blood even if you dont achieve Rinngan you can control Gedou Mazou.
Scene Changes.......
Obito Lets befreind with Nagato.Zetsu and get all tailed beats and we will revive madara through Nagato Rinne tensei Technique (A technique which was used to revive all konoha when pain destroyed it)
Madara .... Obito I shall teach you Uchiha Kinjutsu,Rikudou's Jutsu, and In youton Jutsu ) and here it is proved that Black zetsu was made from Madara and the black pole in hashi's Statue is my will in Physical form..Page 16 Madara deattached himself from Gedo Mazou and entrusted everything to Obito..
You can Read Complete Manga Here Read Naruto 606 Manga Online


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