October 10 Naruto's Birthday and Biography

So it's 10th October guess what? It's the birthday of the knuckle head ninja Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto was founded by Masashi Kishimoto a manga author. It's a story of a boy whose dream is to surpass all the previous hokages and become a ninja who can be admired by everyone.

Naruto has a lot sad moments and few happy moments in his life. It's difficult to sum his complete life story in a single post, but here is the list of few important moments of Naruto's life until now.

October 10, Naruto's Birth

The start of a sad life story of a boy who don't know without knowing the hurdles of his life, just like normal baby Naruto also cried at his birth.

Parents died at his birth

Naruto's birth was a bit tragic. He lost his parents before he could open his eyes and meet them, not only that it is the day he also became the new Jinchuruki of 9 tailed demon fox

Failed and Ignored by everyone at the Ninja academy

Due to the host of the demon fox every child was forced to stay away from Naruto. This is one of the saddest period of his life as no one was there for him.

Sasuke Uchiha: Best Friend and Rival

Sasuke is very special to Naruto. Naruto considers him not only his best friend, but also his rival, because Sasuke was suffering the same pain as Naruto, both lost everyone at early stage except the fact that Sasuke was popular among girls.

First Love Haruno Sakura

Sakura was Naruto's first love. He always tried his best to impress her and was happy when he and Sakura were in the same team along with the Sasuke.

First Kiss

It's sad to know that the Naruto first kiss is not with a girl. It's with Sasuke, but Sasuke first kiss is also with Naruto. It was an accident and according to the author it was just added as comedy nothing more of this will ever happen in anime.

First Mission as Team Kakashi

After becoming Gennin and passing the forest of the death exams it was time for the first team mission under the guidance of the copy ninja Kakashi Hatake. Naruto was not useful in first mission, but he was able to learn a lot from his friend Sasuke who protected him.

Battle with Sasuke at the valley of end

Sasuke was going to leave the village for more powers and to take revenge from his brother Itachi, but Naruto tried to stop him. This was the first main fight between the rivals. Naruto lost this battle and afterwards Naruto promised to bring Sasuke back to village.

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Start of Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is the part 2 of Naruto anime, which also follows the original story of manga by Kishimoto. Their is little timeline difference between part 1 and part 2. All the character becomes more mature.

Pervy Sage Jiraya's Death

The death of the pervy sage is also one the saddest moment of Naruto's life. Jiraya was the one who guided Naruto in harh times who taught him like Rasengan. Jiraya is like a grandfather of Naruto who named him who is the hero in books.

Revenge for master, Pain vs Sage Mode Naruto

One of the most amazing fight of Naruto was against Pain the leader of Akatsuki. Pain attacked the Konoha village to capture nine tail, but Naruto with his newly learned Sage Mode fought against Pain and lost control over himself, but he won the fight after meeting with his father for the first time.

Acknowledged for the first time

After saving village from pain every one gave respect to the person was treated badly by everyone, who was not given a proper treatment in the society. This is one of the thing Naruto wanted to achieve in his life besides Hokage.

Meeting with the Parents, Minato and Kushina

 Naruto meets with his parents due to the chakra present inside him. He meets with minato when he was fighting against pain and meets with Kushina when he was trying to control Kurama the nine tailed fox.

Friendship with the Nine Tailed Fox Kurama

Naruto after knowing about nine tailed fox become his friend. Later, Kurama also helps him in the battles and with this he was able to achieve the new powers like Kyubi mode

Team 7 Reunion

This is the most recent and important moment of Naruto's life when he is working again with his team. Sasuke is helping him to defeat Obito and Madara.

These are the few major events of Naruto's life, but the story still continues and will not complete until he achieve his final dream of becoming the best hokage of all times. It's a matter of time when we will be able to see him become hokage.

According to Kishimoto the author of Naruto manga the thing we should be learning from Naruto anime is "Although there's hardship in life, you can get along".

If by any chance I am missing an important moment of Naruto's life please comment so that it can be added.


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