Naruto 605 predications

Naruto 604 : Crossing Eyes!!

Rin : kakashi ......
Obito : Shocked !!!. Kakashii why?
Kaskashi : face down and crying... and fades out and fall on ground.
Obito : Reaches to rin grabs her in his arms..
Rin : Obito... You are alive ? is that you obito? I think we meet again after life. Am I really dead?
Obito : Rin Not you are not dead .I am alive you I tried my best to get better and i am back to be with you guys.
Rin : Smiles....
Obito : Why kakashi did this to you..
Rin : Obito.....(tries to say something)
Rin is dead
Obito : Rin you here? Rin ... Rinnn you cant be dead. Rin you are the only reason I tried hard to be a better ninja you cant be dead.
Zetsu : Obito Its time to go. Lets go back we cant stay out for too long we are too away from gedo mazou.
Obito : Sad face ...
Zetsu : If we were attacked by the mist ninja we will not be able to keep up with them we are away from mazou and besides you saw your self this world is ful of lies .You cant trsut any one.As long as there is peace there is hatred.
Obito : Thinks about madar moon eye's plan ....
Zetsu :You should be a part of our plan madar plan .He will remove all hatred from this ninja world.There would be no fights .everything will be in infinite genjutsu.
Obito : ....
Zetsu : You even revive your freind if you ask help from madara.
Obito : How? Is that even possible.....
Zetsu : But madara is going to revive some day in his prime state. He already planed everything but he needs some one help to make things go on as he is too old to do himself.
Zetsu : Madara knows all about shinobi world and i am your freind you should listen to me and lets go back to madara.
Obito : But Ri and kakashi.Obito takes kakashi to safe place and leave him freind..
Zetsu : You sure are a kind person.
Obito :  I dont want to diue yet .He will regret it for not keeping my promise . I wil make him regret what he did. I dont him to die from some mist ninja .I will take care of him later .
Zetsu : Thinks in mind  he is a changed per son now..May be he is now going to work with madara.
Obito : Lets Go back to madara
Scene switches to madar's hide outMadara : I told you you will come back .Seeing your beloved ones in danger and loosing them infront of you changed you isnt it obito?
Obito : I just dont wwant other people to loose there close ones the pain nes receive from loosing some one close to him is above all levels. I will help you in your plan so that there will ne no hatred in this World

A completely changed person and a seed of hatred has started to grow...

Naruto 603 Discussion

In 603 what we saw was unpredictable and none  of us imagined that kakashi would be the one killing rin through his chidori?
Many people said that..
That kakashi killed rin for mangekyo sharingan..
kakaksi was a zetsu clone or Rin was zetsu clone.
To me kakashi was not a zetsu clone beacause kakashi and obtio shared same vision beacuse they are linked to each other with sharingan a third person or some one who can copy other chakra cant do this unless its a troll.
Did you guys notice in last panel it was raining but there were tears in kakashi eyes . What you think about this one? any reviews?