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Naruto 605 Manga :Obito Hell's
Naruto 605 showed how Kakashi and Obito obtained there Mangekyou Sharingan.Also some hint towards the moon eye's plan.
Naruto 605 starts with Rin spliting blood out of her mouth and Kakashi removing his arm through her chest.It was shown that kakashi was not going to regret that he killed Rin. Rather it looked like he did on a purpose.Rin falls on the ground and Obito was shocked to see Kakashi stabbed Rin through his Chidori. Then we see that some Mist Ninja's say that "Shit he got us !! After we worked so much to get it ".This panel clearly shows that the Hidden Mist Ninja wants something from Rin which Kakashi never wanted to have in other hands.This may be the reason why Kakashi stabbed Rin.
Three Tomoe Sharingans, Left eye of Obito Uchiha and Right eye of Kakashi transformed in to Mangekyou Sharingan,though kakashi was crying at the same time.Kakashi having no Chakra fell down and Obito went bersek.Then Obito suddenly says "This" that means he thought that this is the power of Sharingan that Madara told and he screamed it in such a way so that he can get the attention of Hidden Mist Ninja who were surrounding Kakashi and Rin.Obito might have thought this way he might be able to save Kakashi and Rin.The Hidden Mist Ninja's say "Reinforcments"? and then one of them say "Its Only One"
They attack Obito using kunai but Obito was saying that he shall never accept that Kakashi killed Rin because he made promise with Kakashi that you will protect Rin.At the same time those kunai pass through him and Obito Grows some wood on his back just like White Zetsu had.Obito killed one of them using the wood jutsu and blood was splitting all over Obito mask.Then Other Mist Ninja tried to attck Obito using swords but all of their's weapon pass though Obito's body and from this they hurt there own friends.
One Mist Ninja says "Lets Retrieve Women We cant let Enemy get her body".Obito charges towards Rin so that They wont get her body they attack Obito but they all slip through Him.Obito keeps on killing them with his wood then the spiral Zetsu says "you were able to use Mokutan Shashi No Jutsu Right away Thats the reason Madara Choose You!!"But Obito Keeps on killing all mist ninja then the panel shows Moon having spirals around him just like the spirals when Tobi aka Obito uses his Sharingan and around spirals there was blood all over and dead bodies of mist ninja which were killed roughly.After seeing blood over Obito thinks that he is in hell.At the end it felt like Obito body was taken over by some thing which went berserk and killed every one who came in his way.
That was the complete summary on Naruto 605 Manga.