Naruto 500 Episodes Celebration

With the release of Naruto Shippuden  284 the offical Naruto Tv Tokyo announced that there will be six fillers in series to celebrate Naruto 500 Episodes.The Fillers arc is named as "Chikara Force"
Naruto 500 celebration Fillers Chikara Force
This Filler arc is going to be start from November 22 till the end of the December.So that actually means we all have to wait for the special Edo tensei "Madara Uchiha" till next Year.
From the Out look of poster we can guess the main villian is going to be kabuto reviving Deidara and Hidan using his Edo Tensei Technique.This filler arc also contains some new kids dont know who they are ...

The assumed schedule for this filler arc from 22nd November to the end of December.

November 22 :- Chikara Force Filler Arc
November 29 :- Chikara Force Filler Arc
December  6  :- Chikara Force Filler Arc
December 13 :- Chikara Force Filler Arc
December 20 :- Chikara Force Filler Arc
December 27 :- Chikara Force Filler Arc

Alot of Fillers Huh? Dont forget we also got some more fillers from the end of the October to the end of November.The Schedule for october and November is

October 18 :- Episode 284 – The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino! (Filler)
October 25 :- Episode 285 -Scorch Style User! Pakura of the Hidden Sand (Filler)
November 1 :- Episode 286 & 287 :- Naruto Shippuuden Special – Hidden Story: Tsunade & Raikage ~What They Gambled~ (Filler)
November 8 :- Episode 288 – Threat, Jinpachi and Kushimaru’s Combo!! (Filler)
November 15 :- Break!!