Naruto Volume 59 Cover Revealed

In new scan Naruto Manga Volume 59 Cover has been revealed

The Naruto Manga Volume 59 has been named as “五影集結…!!” (Gathering of the Five Kages…!!).
It will contain 10 chapters from chapter no 556 to chapter no 565, which covers the story of 4th great shinobi ninja war.It should be available for sale in japan on 3rd Feburary, 2012 but for North America the released date for naruto manga volume 59 cover has not been released by Viz media, but from the previous volumes schedules it seems that this volume would be available on 3rd July, 2012.

The cover of volume consists of all kages Onoki, Tsunade, Gara, Mei, Raikage along with Naruto and Uchiha Madara.