Naruto 604 Predications

                                          Naruto 604 predications

       Naruto 604 : Beginning of the Hatred

Masked Zetsu : "Obito" Lets go outside its time to save your freinds kakashi and Rin the ones's you keep talking about.
Obito : Hurry up take me there . I want to save them.
Masked Zetsu : How are you feeling inside me.
Obito : it ok i can stay inside you since you are made up  of first hokage hashirama cells and I myself now is composed of first hokage cellsso I can stay inside of you for with out any diffculty.
Other Zetsu : Is it ok to take him out the old geezer madara will get mad when he wakes up.
Obito : I am not afraid of any one when it comes to my freinds."Kakashi and Rin wait I'll be right there in a moment
Scene changes to kakshi and rin ("surrounded by a bunch of mist ninja)
Kakashi : Rin you must go i had made a promise with obito that I will never let any one hurt. so go back dont try to protect me.
Rin : stop yelling kakashi .Dont try to act cool in a suitation like this sensei had always told us that team work is improtant and believe in your freind is the key to success.
Kakashi : But mine promise with obito.
Rin : forget about that for a time.
Kakashi : how will I face obito after this life when he wil ask from me why you didnt saved rin we had a promise that you will protect rin.
Scence changes two hiiden mist ninja charges at rin with kunai.
Kakashi : Oh no I cant make it in time...rin run......
In mean time obito approches at the scene and see Rin and was shocked to see that rin was hit with a kunai and is bleeding badly and kakshi is conscious.
Obito : Zetsu Please save Rin heal her wounds just like madara saved me from dying save my freind.
Zetsu : I m not sure if she can handle first hokage cells you know its diffcult to handle first hokage cells if she looses control she may die .
In mean time Rin coughs blood and die...
Obito : Rin........ No way Rin you cant be dead I was training my self all time just to protect you . Please Rin open your eyes .You cant be dead .
Other Zetsu :  Obito.... madara got wake up lets go back.You can see there is no peace in this world. Cooperate wih madara in Moon Eye's Plan . You can change whole shinobi world . There wil be peace every where . No one will ever fight again it will be a world of infinite genjutsu.There ll be no viillages no clans no hatred.
Obito : Comes back with Both zetsu with his changed eyes .Madara that mangkeyo sharingan .The power I was talking to you. Obito help me in mine plan we can remove hatred from this world.
("Rin death's was the cause obito was able to get his mangekyo sharingan " 
Obito : I cant forgive those hidden mist ninja. Kakashi.......... You were unable to keep your promise.
Obito with his new eyes mangekyo sharingan  kills those hidden mist ninjas and take control of the hidden mist hokage.