Naruto Manga 602 Predications

First of all flash back of Naruto Chapter 601

Naruto's Manga chapter 601 answered a lot of questions, but on the other hand many questions came into existence Like at page 7 you can see that Tsuande's body looks like it has been cut in two pieces, so the first question that arises is will Tsuande survive? And then we saw that Obito, Madara and Nagato know each other so Tobi did said the truth that he was one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan.

Naruto Manga 602 Predications

Theory 1: In Naruto Manga 602 we will be seeing more about Madara and Obito relation, to me this is time we are going to see Maito Gai's 8th Gate (The Gate of death) because it is the time for Konoha's copy ninja or blue beast to die. Maito Gai will probably die while saving Kakashi since kakahi has used all of his chakra by using Kamui multiple times. There will also be flash back of Rin's death. How she died and why Kakashi failed to keep a promise.

Theory 2:  In this case, I believe that Tsunade is going to use his slug sage mode or some kind of new regeneration technique to save other Kages. Naruto and bee are going to fight against Madara. I think its time for Naruto to learn the jutsu which Minato mentioned when he met Naruto for the first time.