Naruto 600 discussion

So in chapter 600 it has been proved he is obito uchiha.

  • What do you guys think that tobi came in to being after Rin birth?
  • Was he influenced by Madara Uchiha?
  •  How did Rin got killed?
  • What was the reason that Obito got soo much mad that he changed himself in to Tobi ? 
  • What happened with kages?  

and above all on last page 17 Madara Uchiha joined Tobi aka Obito so now its goona be diffcult for Naruto to handle both of them at same time tobi with rinngan and ems
and Uchiha Madara (Immortal + rinngan +Full form susanoo)
Well its time for sasuke to come in to play and its gonna be like sasuke is going to help naruto beacuse Long haired masked man (may be madara killed Uchiha clan with Itachi Uchiha)so he will be helping naruto to get his revenge on Long haired Tobi (madara?)