Cosplay's from Naruto

Naruto is an ongoing series and its considered as one of the most popular anime series. The main author of the series is Mashi Kishimoto.The story is of a kid who wants to become hokage and to surpass all previous hokages. Due to its popularity alot of fans like to cosplay Naruto characters, you can find a cosplay of every Naruto character on web but we have selected a few cosplay's which are best according.

Hidan and Kakuza

Hidan and Kakuza Cosplay

Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto Cosplay

Uchiha Obito also Knows as Tobi

Uchiha Obito Cosplay

Gara of the Sand

Gara Cosplay



Deidara Cosplay


Gara Cosplay2

Naruto and Sasuke


Kakashi Cosplay


Hinata Gyuga Cosplay


Sakura Cosplay


Uchiha Obito Cosplay

 Your Views?

Which Cosplay you Liked the Most? Thanks to these cosplayers for showing us Naruto Characters in Real Life, They may not be good for some people but they are famous and liked by alot of people.


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