Fairy Tail 300 predictions

First of all congrats Fairy tail for reaching 300 Manga Chapter.
Next week we are going to have a new Colour Cover for Fairy tail.

Next Week title is

The Place Where The Soul Of The Dragons Rest

It would be like Gajeel will be shocked to see all dragons bones around him as we seen in chapter 297 page 9.
So to me main story of fairy tail is going to start its like things are now going to connect.Zeref is the one who has done everything to dragons and he is the only one who understands the acnologia.

Gajeel : what is this? dragons bones? Where am I ? What place is this?

Gajeel :Metalicana (his foster father)are you here?

Gajeel: Tries to explore more about the location.In the mean time scence changes to jellal

Jellal: Zeref No way? So it was you whose presence and aura i was getting all time,what are u doing here?what do you want in this competiton?

Zeref: Natsu ....!!

Jellal :Natsu?

Zeref :Stay away you shall only hurt your self I dont have anything concern with you.

Gajeel : What concern do you have with Natsu?

Zeref: Moves away in a rush....?

Scene switches to natsu...

Natsu : lets get prepared for our next game Fairy tail is going to be No 1 guild again Muahahahaha .

Gajeel comes back with his shocking face and tell natsu about what he saw....

Chapter Ends.
Its just my predications Hope You like it You can post yout predications Let every one hear your thoughts and what are your reviews about my theory.