Who Is Tobi?

As we all know that tobi's identity (Who is tobi) is one of the frequently asked question in whole Naruto series .We all know that in Naruto Manga 598 Naruto broked tobi mask in to pieces so may be its the last week for Who tobi is?
Who is Tobi

But no one knows when we get trolled as its Kishimoto.

Tobi was first introduced in Manga chapter # 239 along with Zetsu in start he was acted like dumb and later it was found he was the main leader behind Akatsuki but he was shown with a mask so every one was excited to see who is the man behind the mask. All we know about tobi is that he is a sharingan user.

So I want every one to post your opinion on  "Who is Tobi" ?

Could it be

Update : Finally the long awaited moment is over and it has been revealed that the man behind the mask was none other then Obito Uchiha. 

This is the face Behind the mask Shocked? Yeah its Obito Uchiha !!

Unmasked Tobi Face